Sunday, 18 August 2013

Top 5 Fastest Ways To Lose Weight

Patience is not exactly a popular virtue nowadays. How can it be in a world awash in 'get your pizza in 30 minutes or its free', 'instant downloads,' and '3 minute abs' types of deals? The truth is we want results and we want them now. While we here at JoanBars.Com advise you to make the deep, long-term changes that can result in profound and sustainable results, we know you'd like to see some quick results for your efforts at losing weight. To answer this call, we present to you the top 5 fastest ways to lose weight.
Skip Dinner
If you want to quickly lose weight, you have to skip a meal that is closest to the time when your metabolism slows down. During this slow metabolism period of your body's typical day, your body burns fewer calories. If you eat right before your metabolism slows down, you will have a lot of calories in your system which your body won't burn efficiently. The leftover calories are turned into fat by your body. You end up gaining weight. By not eating during your slow metabolism period, you don't introduce extra calories into your system. Your metabolism then has to burn fat or glucose from your previous meal. The most logical meal to skip, for most people with normal sleeping schedules and metabolism, is dinner. Of course, you should advise your doctor first before doing this.
Eat Heavy Breakfasts
By making your day 'front-loaded', you push almost all your calorie intake to breakfast. Either you eat less for lunch and dinner or eat your final meal for the day at lunch and skip dinner. Regardless, by front-loading your calorie intake you put yourself in a position where you are burning calories throughout most of your day. Since you need the energy for your full day, most of the calories you consumed early on will be processed by the end of the day. As a result, you either lose weight or stop gaining weight.
Eat Bulky and Fiber-rich Foods
Eating bulky fiber-rich foods benefit you in two ways. First, they fill you up quickly so your brain sends an 'I am full' signal to your brain and you stop feeling hungry sooner. A heavy fiber diet also cleans out gut and helps clean your blood vessels.This decreases your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.
Workout in the morning and early evening
By working out in both the morning and the evening, you are boosting your metabolism to work at top levels pretty much 24 hours. This means your body's calorie burning pace doesn't experience valleys but is sustained throughout the day. The more calories you burn, the higher your chances of losing weight. As long as you don't eat extra to compensate for your calorie burning, you will lose weight.
Skip Sodas
Sodas are the number one source of junk calories. Stuffed with sugar, sodas provide little nutritional value. Skip out on these calories and drink water instead. Water is the original zero calorie drink.
This article was written by Joan Loganeski.
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