Sunday, 18 August 2013

Dieting is Not a Long-Term Solution to Weight Loss

If you are about to go into dieting because of any reason, do think twice or even thrice. Think about the side effects and the possible outcomes which might occur.
Diets do actually work. Yes they do. But, it will work for a maximum period of 3 - 5 years.
Initially all diets will work, you'll see a significant weight difference but after a while, you'll slowly gain weight and then at the end of 5 years, everything is back at where it is supposed to be.
Therefore diets are not advisable if you want a permanent weight loss.
Furthermore, according to the research that was done, most of the time, dieters are unable to maintain their weight losses in the long run. Other than this, there is nothing showing that the diets they undergo reflect any improvements in their health. But of course there are always exceptions. Unfortunately, the number of exceptions is very low.
Things to Start Doing This Very Minute
What you can do is to have well-balanced meals, exercise regularly.
Cut down on junk food.
Exercising in this case would not have to be going to the gym working out, swimming or running. You can do simple things like cleaning up the house, bringing your dog out for a walk, climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator. All these small and simple things are actually good enough to burn off some calories.
Above all these, there is one thing very important which most people do it when they are dieting which is skipping meals. But skipping meals do not help you in losing weight. Most people have this misconception. Skipping meals will only make you feel hungrier and when you have your next meal, you'll tend to overeat.
All in all, diets do not work. Moreover, it will not show any improvements in their health as for people who showed improvements, it would only be due to some other external factors or aids used in the dieting process. What can be done is to maintain a well-balanced healthy diet and exercising regularly. If you want to lose weight, one advice would be to go to a nutritionist or a dietitian for consultation. They will be able to give your advices on what to be done and what should be done because they are more professional thus would be able to give you a more accurate analysis on your condition.

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